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devFU is here to support your vision for your business, your needs, your processes, and your outcomes. Years of Experience across multiple industries means that we can leverage our knowledge to provide you the best solution for your challenge.


LineupBoard is devFU's flagship product. Shift-based planning software that allows you to manage your equipment and labour allocations quickly and easily so that it can be clearly communicated to the entire workforce.

"We've been using LineupBoard at Moolarben for 11 years. Since I became the mining manager 7 years ago, I've seen how it's helped us to consistently communicate and achieve our plans with our equipment, workforce, all while helping keep costs under control. We've also worked with devFU on other projects including AdvanceUP to help us improve operator proficiency. I've appreciated the outstanding commitment to support DevFU provides and that they've worked with us to make the customisations we've needed over time."

- Tim Oliphant | MINE MANAGER - OPEN CUT, Moolarben Coal Operations

Business Intelligence

DevFU provides BI services to support your operations and promote your success. We offer analysis and reporting to create usable metrics to improve day to day functioning and set you up for long term achievement. DevFU uses PowerBI reporting to convey crucial information to help guide your processes and reveal unseen inefficiencies.

Software consulting &

Our team is passionate about developing custom solutions in partnership with our clients. From excel automation and simple desktop applications to fully featured web based systems to use on any device, we will guide you to the appropriate outcome.

A diverse and skilled

devFU is a team of multicultural and multiskilled professionals from around the world. Our varied backgrounds and educations mean we can approach issues from a wide range of perspectives.

How can we help?

Whether you need a software solution to improve the function of your operation or some expert advice around implementation, we have decades of combined experience ready to assist you in any way we can.

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