Our Products


Lineup Board is a web-based system, that allows you to manage your Shift Planning Equipment process from any computer without limitations. Equipment and worker allocations are easily managed online, resulting in effective and quick communication site wide.


Software that allows the organisation of Prestarts resulting in increased efficiency. It also provides trackable conformance of safety and mandatory information


ChronoMatch is a web-based portal that integrates multiple data sources for worker attendance. This provides a "one click" solution to investigate questions raised around the appropriateness of worker hours or other labour management queries that may arise from time to time.


AdvanceUp is an operator proficiency assessment tool. It's Observation questionnaires allow users to evaluate an operator’s performance and determine aptitude for specific criteria. These assessments reveal where operations are falling short and where they are strong.


RecFU is a reconciliation tool to support a mine’s reconciliation processes by storing all records, documents and images in note-form in a common location. RecFU also allows you to rapidly interrogate the information in the system by using pivoting features to analyse the data entered for each reconciliation on an aggregate basis.

Maintenance Shift Log

The Maintenance Shift Log is a web-based tool created to replace Excel spreadsheets. Designed to integrate with an FMS (Fleet Management System) the log creates maintenance events based on relevant maintenance codes. This allows for easier management and tracking of equipment as it enters and leaves the maintenance department.

AnthemDocs Document control

Easily manage your corporate documents all in the one place with Anthem Document Control Management Software. Anthem takes out the manual effort of tracking documents, keeping records of when, how and by whom documents were changed.

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